Lake Macquarie Airport Operating Procedures

Updated: July 2020

General Procedures


! – Rescue Helicopter Operations take precedence at all times.
! – Monitor CTAF for Skydive Ops – jumping overhead and landing on site.


  • Avoid all built up areas
  • Avoid Golf Course to East
  • No flight below 1000’ AMSL
  • Avoid overflight if possible
  • Try to minimise noise as much as possible
  • CTAF 132.1 “Lake Macquarie Airport”

Airfield Data

  • Contact: 02 4944 9199, Emergency – 0408 449 198
  • Email:
  • Grass left and right 07/25 are part of the active runway and often in use
  • The taxiway is on southern side of field when backtracking not available
  • Rwy 07/25 – sealed, 11m wide
  • TODA – 730m
  • LDA – 670m Rwy 07, 670m Rwy 25
  • CTAF – 132.1
  • Runway Lighting not operational
  • No fuel available

Circuit Procedures



  • All circuits left hand
  • No touch and go’s
  • 1000’ AMSL
  • Avoid any built up areas
  • Be aware of turbulence if crosswind due to trees
  • Straight in approaches acceptable
  • Go around early if in doubt due to poor over runs
  • Be aware of sky dive ops possibly landing on Southern Tarmac area
  • Trikes and Gyro’s maybe operating on a tighter circuit


Rwy 07 (Preferred runway)

  • Avoid Golf Course
  • Fly Downwind to overfly inlet
  • Turn Base and Final over water


Rwy 25

  • Fly Crosswind and Downwind along channel
  • Turn Base and Final over water


Gyro’s may occupy runway for longer than normal due to building up rotor speed.


Rwy 07

  • Back track available if not busy
  • Taxiway available on south side (unswept)
  • Run ups on turning bay just prior to takeoff
  • Depart along coast either direction
  • Do not overfly runway on departure


Rwy 25

  • Run ups at hold facing North
  • Depart on Upwind, or Crosswind west of Swansea
  • Do not overfly runway on departure

Emergency Procedures

Engine failure on landing

  • If runway is guaranteed, continue approach
  • If runway is marginal make an early decision for:
    • Rwy 07 – ditching in channel
    • Rwy 25 – beach


Engine failure on takeoff

  • Rwy 07 – ground loop if necessary to avoid road, otherwise straight ahead into scrub
  • Rwy 25 – stop if you can, otherwise prepare for moisture in the cockpit